5 Minute Makeup- Everyday Basics For a Quick “No Makeup” Look

As a stay at home mom & a personal trainer it’s important to me to have a routine that is not only quick but simple.

I like a look that is basic & fresh so that when I’m out running errands, working out, or training a client in the gym I feel confident without having a full face of makeup.  Basically I like to look like I’m not wearing any makeup on these days. So i’m sharing with you my basic everyday look & all of my makeup essentials.

*The following post contains affiliate links so that you may easily find the products I use. If you decide to purchase after clicking on any of the links, it is of no additional cost to you.

    1. CC Cream OR BB Cream  This is time saving as you get several benefits in 1 including: sunscreen, moisturizer, color correction, blemish control (hello hormones!) & more
    2. Concealer  I can’t leave the house without concealer. Use this MUST HAVE makeup essential, the Beauty Blender or THIS one from Target. Moms don’t get enough sleep, this helps!
    3. Blemish Corrector LOVE this stick! Helps hide the imperfections & Lord knows I’ve got them
    4. Setting Powder or THIS I usually only use this under my eyes unless I’m feeling particularly shiny
    5.  Blush The fastest way to get a quick pick me up
    6. Eyebrow Pencil I prefer my Anastasia brow pencil when I have more time to spend, but this one does the trick for on the go!
    7. Mascara I’m super picky with mascara & tried DOZENS of drug store kinds with little luck, so this mascara is my go-to!
    8. Lip BalmBaby Lips, or EOS Lip Balm Hydration is super important to me, these are ALL great

This look is so quick & simple, it takes about 5 minutes! It is very light coverage but enough to be confident enough to wear out & about. If I’m going somewhere later on that I’d like a fuller makeup look, then I will just build on this look with eyeliner, eye shadow, highlighter, contour etc. At the most I will do all 8 steps, at the very least I will pick concealer & mascara for sure. Remember this is BASIC. But as a mom, we can all appreciate quick & simple!

You guys, I LOVE makeup! But a full face of makeup has it’s time & place (& unfortunately it’s few far & between for this mama). When I’m at home I don’t wear anything except moisturizer & lip balm. But when I’m out & about these are my fave go-to’s & I hope by sharing it might give another mama some ideas or different options! Would you love to see a full makeup look? And I’d love to know, what are your fave makeup essentials?


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