Gift Guide For Fitness Lovers

what to buy a fitness loving person

Hunting for the perfect gift for the fitness loving person in your life? Let’s face it, buying gifts for people can sometimes be stressful, especially if they enjoy something you may not know much about like fitness or golf for example. Make sure to check out my golf gift guide if you can relate. As someone who’s been into fitness for…

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Tips For A Healthy Holiday

tips for health and fitness during the holidays

Ready for Christmas but not the holiday fluff? I’m right there with ya mama. Pie, hot toddies, stuffing, cookies, fudge, fruit cake… ok maybe not fruit cake (has anyone ACTUALLY tasted fruit cake??) The list goes on but you get the idea…holiday treats galore. Starting in October with Halloween candy, thru Thanksgiving turkey, all the way to Christmas with an…

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How to Grocery Shop Like A Fit Mom

Starting a healthy lifestyle and learning how to shop and eat healthy like a fit mom. Getting post baby body back

Being a mom is hard, but grocery shopping doesn’t have to be! Moms desire quick & easy options! We are far too busy being super moms to make a huge healthy meal from scratch. (how DID they do it back in the day?!) I’m going to give you tips on how to grocery shop like a fit mom. Hey mamas! Like…

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How to Grocery Shop Like a Fitness Pro

grocery shop like a fitness pro

So you want to start eating healthier, but you hate the grocery store…Or maybe you love grocery shopping but don’t know where to start. There are so many choices out there, how do you know what things to buy to start living a healthier lifestyle? I can tell you how to stop being overwhelmed & how to start grocery shopping…

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