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I offer very limited spots for one on one training with me at the YMCA in Platte City, MO. You do have to be a member of the Y to train with me  and you can also belong to any Y it doesn’t matter where. I offer 30 and 60 min sessions and also sessions for couples which is fun.

I work with all types of clients, both male and female, with different goals….weight loss, competition prep, adding muscle, etc. I’d have to say my specialty is female weight loss. For weight loss I focus on fast paced circuits which can really blast fat and 30 min sessions are ideal but you gotta work!

I personally believe in living a healthy lifestyle and I know how to lose the weight and to maintain it thru good lifestyles choices, not a temporary diet!! No pills, detox, gimmicks, or fads…..just good old fashioned hard work and good nutrition!!!

If you are interested in personal one on one training with me, please contact me!!

YMCA Personal Training Rates

Me As A Trainer:

I am certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). I consider my specialty in weight/fat loss. I have also been a bikini competitor for 3 years and have had experience with competition prep as well. I have both female and male clients. I focus a lot on form and correcting muscle imbalances which i believe is SUPER important. I WILL be that trainer that constantly reminds you of your posture and form and breathing. Why? Because I care about you, don’t want you to get injured, and want you to get the best function from your workout! I’m very laid back and a good listener but I will also keep you motivated and remind you of your goals. I will never be a drill sergeant trainer, its just not in my nature, so if you are looking at someone to yell at you during your workouts, that’s not me! I have been known to do a funny dance move for you though…..

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